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How do I replace a capacitor?



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When you start your unit and the fan turns on but the compressor won’t this is usually a sign of a bad capacitor. You will need to test the capacitor to be sure that, that is the issue. Before you start anything it is important that you turn off the power of the system from the outdoor circuit breaker. Assuming that you have 240 volts coming in from the circuit breaker into Line 1 and Line 2 you will need to test the capacitor for the compressor. Remove both of the leads from the capacitor and test the capacitance using a Digital Multimeter. After testing the capacitor if your meter reads 0 then you know for sure the capacitor is bad and needs to be replaced. When buying a new capacitor make sure the one you buy has the same volts and microfarads as the old one. Each capacitor is marked on the side with these measurements. Being sure the power is off remove the old capacitor from the unit and insert the new one into its spot. Now you will need to figure out where each lead goes into the new capacitor. On the panel of the system there is a circuit diagram drawn. Locate the compressor on the diagram. The compressor will have wires coming out of it and one will be labeled S and indicated with a color. The S is showing you which lead is the one connecting to the compressor. So the wire coming out of the compressor should be connected to the part of the capacitor labeled HERM. The other lead you have taken out of the old capacitor will go on the part of the new capacitor labeled C for Common. After you have connected all of these wire put the breaker back in and the compressor should start running if the capacitor was installed correctly.

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