5 HVAC Tips for Winter & Holidays

5 HVAC Tips for Winter & Holidays

The holiday season is the happiest time of the year—but it’s also the busiest! While you’re preoccupied with planning your Christmas or New Year dishes, don’t forget to prepare your home and HVAC system for a comfortable and safe celebration. Check out these holiday HVAC tips from AirBenders!

Inspect and Dust Off Your Ducts

As much as you want an energy-efficient holiday, it might not be possible with leaky and clogged ducts. To minimize your heating costs, you should consider a duct inspection and cleaning service. With properly sealed and cleaned ducts, you’ll stay warm and cozy throughout the holidays.

Adjust Your Thermostat Setting

Having more people creates a warmer indoor environment. Thus, you may adjust your thermostat to keep your heating costs low. Let your thermostat do the work in keeping your Chantilly, VA home comfortable this winter!

Check Your CO and Fire Detectors

Without proper ventilation, your heating system might be the cause of carbon monoxide build-up. Over time, it can leak into your home and lead to potentially deadly effects. Make sure your fire and CO detectors are working good to prevent the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire-related incidents.

Keeps Your Vents Clear

Your Christmas decorations and presents will surely take up a huge space in your home. Be sure that they are not blocking your air vents. If the vents are overcrowded, they won’t be efficient in doing their job. As a result, your heating system will work harder, which can lead to higher heating costs.

Schedule a Winter HVAC Inspection

A furnace or heat pump inspection won’t hurt! Your heating system needs maintenance to stay at peak performance during the coldest days of the year. Before your home becomes loaded with guests this holiday season, be sure to get a professional HVAC inspection to catch minor issues and provide quick solutions.

Call the HVAC Specialists at AirBenders!

Give your HVAC system the best Christmas gift—it’s system maintenance! Preventive maintenance will give your system an extra lift, making it more efficient than ever. For professional assistance, call our experts at AirBenders.