July 10, 2020

5 Reasons to Change Your A/C Filters More Often

5 Reasons to Change your AC Filters More Often (small)

Although an air filter may look like nothing but a cardboard box full of pleated materials, it actually plays a vital role in your A/C’s efficiency and your overall indoor comfort. But most of the time, air filters are overlooked, thus resulting in clogging and poor IAQ.

Let’s find out why you need to change your air filters regularly and how often.

You Get Lower Energy Bills

Do you think you can save by keeping a clean air filter? Yes, definitely! By changing your filters often, you can save on your monthly energy bills.

A dirty air filter causes your A/C to work harder and longer to reach your desired temperature. But when you’re changing it regularly, your cooling system works more efficiently and uses less electricity.

A new filter may be expense, but it will surely pay off in the long run.

Prolongs Your System’s Lifespan

You surely want your HVAC system to last as long as possible. However, you might not realize that the expected lifecycle of your equipment is based on how you’re taking care of it, including filter replacement. Getting proper maintenance along with regular filter replacement ensures reliable and lifelong performance of your comfort system.

Expensive Repairs are Prevented

The role of air filters is to keep dirt, dust, and debris out of your HVAC system. But when you’re not changing filters regularly, a layer of grime will accumulate on your system and its components. Once your filters are clogged with a thick layer of dust, it will cause the parts to fail prematurely. Excessive wear and tear on your system will require expensive repairs over time. Changing your filters can prevent damage before it happens.

Keeps Your Space Cleaner Than Ever

The dust that ends up in your filters and ducts gets blown around your home as well. But when CLEAN filters are doing their job, you’ll have to worry less about dust accumulating on the furniture, appliances, and surfaces of your home.

Improves Your IAQ

Your air filters are designed not just to trap dust, but pollen, allergens, mold, viruses and bacteria at the same time. With clean filters, you can keep a breathable indoor air in your residence. HEPA filters work best in eliminating air pollutants, so you may want to invest in them for quality indoor air in Chantilly, VA home.

When you live in a house with an A/C installed, you should make sure that you’re properly maintaining the filters. Contact us at AirBenders for all your IAQ concerns, and we’ll be there to serve you.

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