June 4, 2020

5 Remedies to Uneven Home Cooling in Chantilly, VA

5 Remedies to Uneven Home Cooling in Chantilly, VA

If you live in a multi-story home, chances are you and your family may feel a bit uncomfortable upstairs or in other areas of the house. This is a common problem for houses with two or more floors, and usually, homeowners don’t know what to do about it.

When your A/C isn’t cooling your home evenly, there’s no reason to spend that much money to solve the issue. Take these tips from our cooling specialists to address uneven home cooling.

Set the A/C Fan to “ON”

Is your fan in the AUTO mode? Try switching it to ON to allow the air to circulate the air effectively. When the fan stays on, the air will continue to circulate even after your A/C’s cooling cycle goes off. With this, you can achieve an even indoor temperature wherever you are at home.

Use the Vents to Control the Air

If it feels cooler on the second floor than in the first, you may need to check the air vents for dirt or blockages. If not maintained properly, dirt and debris may build up quickly on the vents and registers. Vacuum them to remove the debris and allow the air to pass freely.

Check the Ducts for Air Leaks

Holes, gaps, and cracks in the ducts are any form of leaks that can cause unequal distribution of air in your home. Air leaks in your ductwork system cause your A/C to work harder to make up for the missing air, thus consuming more energy in the process. Call an expert to examine your ductwork and perform necessary repairs or adjustments, if necessary.

Add Insulation in the Attic

Lack of quality insulation in your attic hinders you from getting the full benefit of your cooling system. Without taking action on this problem, you’ll notice a big difference in the coolness of air upstairs and downstairs. Make sure to maintain the proper amount of insulation in the attic for even cooling.

Take Advantage of Zoning System

It may be a huge investment at first, but a zoned cooling system actually pays off over time. Zoning allows you to directly manage the temperature in different zones of your home. Therefore, a zoned system is the best option if you want full control over your indoor temperature.

If you’re having a problem with uneven cooling in Chantilly, VA, you can try some of these practical solutions above or talk to our cooling specialists for the best solution.

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