What To Do If HVAC System Breaks Down Over the Holidays

What to do

A busted or faulty HVAC system is something that you don’t want during the holidays, especially if you’re busy prepping for the season. Imagine the discomfort and stress that you have to endure during the frigid and frosty nights.

Here are the things to do in case your HVAC system acts strange or breaks down:

Don’t Panic

Typically, panicking is the initial reaction of anyone under an emergency situation. But you know it won’t help! When your comfort system suddenly broke down, the first thing to do is to stay calm and assess the situation—or, you may call us your local HVAC contractor for help.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Power outages and issues with electrical wirings within the house is a common issue, particularly for too old buildings. Make sure to check your circuit breaker as it can be the source of the problem. You may need the help of a professional electrician for inspection and repair.

Examine If The Thermostat is Properly Set Up

Is your thermostat properly set up? The thermostat must be set appropriately to “heat” mode by three to five degrees. By set up, we mean the temperature setting and placement. See to it that the thermostat is in a dry area, away from direct sunlight, and exposed to circulation. This way, your device will operate efficiently as expected, thus helping your system avoid

Inspect Your Outdoor Unit

Don’t forget to give your outdoor unit the care it needs. Check its surrounding for blockages, such as bushes, leaves, and debris. These elements may affect the airflow, causing your HVAC equipment to perform poorly or break down at worse. 

Pay Attention to the Indoor Unit

In some cases, dust and dirt are the major causes why HVAC systems malfunction. What should be done? Simply check the coils, filters, and other internal components for dirt buildup and broken or loose parts.

Call an Expert

After all your efforts and your heating or cooling system isn’t turning on at all, the best thing to do is to call an expert. These professionals have the right experience, equipment and methods that guarantee the best solution in case your system breaks down.

Don’t want your HVAC to bother you this holiday? Contact AirBenders’ specialists now! Our experts are ready to provide you the right solutions!