April 11, 2020

Don’t Make These 5 Common Summertime A/C Mistakes

Don’t Make These 5 Common Summertime A/C Mistakes
  • Not Changing Air Filters

Even if it looks like your home is clean and sleek, there are microscopic particles that circulate inside the house without your notice. Thus, neglecting to clean or change your air filters intensifies the chances of the buildup of air contaminants in your home. Be sure to replace the filters once a month if you want to keep your cooling system at its best performance this summer season.

  • Running Your A/C All Day

An ideal home temperature in the Northern Virginia area is 72 degrees or a bit higher. We’re sure that you want to keep that level of comfort at home. But, is it advisable to leave your A/C on throughout the day to keep you cool and comfortable? You are making a big mistake if you do so.

Give it time for rest and turn it off when you leave for work or when no one is at home. That way, you will get bigger savings on energy.

  • Setting the Thermostat Too Low

If you think that setting your thermostat at a very low temperature would cool your room faster, you’re wrong! Air conditioners don’t work that way. So what should you do? Set your thermostat at your home’s ideal temperature and let your cooling unit do the work.

  • Leaving A/C Vents Open

Your air conditioner works at its best in a closed platform or space. Leaving the vents open while your unit runs allows the cool air to escape. To maximize your A/C’s efficiency, never forget to close all rooms and vents while the unit is at work.

  • Neglecting System Tune-up and Maintenance

You have not thought of servicing your air conditioner until it stops running in the middle of the heatwave. Make the most of the spring for A/C tune-up and maintenance as it keeps your unit operating smoothly and efficiently throughout the season. Get it checked, maintained, and serviced while you can

Use your air conditioning unit the right way! Take note of these A/C summertime mistakes, and you’ll never go wrong with your cooling system. If you encountered any issues with your HVAC system, let us know so we can help you keep it error-free all year-round. Call us at AirBenders to schedule your appointment.

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