March 9, 2020

Obvious Signs of a Gas Leak in Chantilly, VA

Obvious Signs of a Gas Leak in Chantilly, VA

The American Gas Association says that over 73 million homes and businesses in the U.S. use natural gas as their main power source.

When installed correctly, gas systems and appliances are convenient and safe. However, gas leaks may still occur over time. It’s highly flammable and risky as it can lead to explosion and fire if not handled properly.

To identify a gas leak in your Chantilly, VA home, you have to beware of the signs that might be currently affecting your health and comfort without your notice.

When there’s a gas leak, you may spot the following:

  • a smell of rotten egg or cabbage
  • a hissing or whistling sound near your gas line
  • bubbles in water
  • damage in gas pipes
  • orange, yellow, or red gas flame color
  • gas pilot light keeps going out
  • dying indoor plants
  • feeling ill

Do’s and Don’ts in the Event of a Gas Leak

Your furnace, stove, and water heater rely on gas to operate—and the possibility of a gas leak is always there. Stop for a moment, then think of the number of devices and appliances in your home that runs on gas. Be sure you know how to deal with a gas leak to avoid potential disaster.

Here are the do’s and don’ts if you suspect a gas leak at home.


  • Turn off all the lights and electrical & gas appliances.
  • Open the windows and doors for ventilation.
  • Call 911 and your utility provider.
  • Notify your neighbors of your situation so they can also act accordingly.
  • Evacuate your home.


  • Don’t light a flame.
  • Don’t use your phone indoors.
  • Don’t use matches, candles, or any other sources of ignition
  • Don’t wait for the gas leak signs of getting worse.
  • Don’t search for the source of the gas leak.
  • Don’t attempt to inspect or repair the leak yourself.

Gas Leak Prevention Tips

We know how dangerous a gas leak can be. Fortunately, you can prevent this disaster from happening through these preventive tips:

  • Schedule a regular inspection with the pros.
  • Have your gas appliances serviced or maintained for optimal performance and safety.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors or a gas leak detector.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher at home.
  • Always keep your gas provider’s number in handy.

Get in Touch With AirBenders for Gas Fitting Services

In the event of a gas leak, there’s no better way than calling the professionals for help!

Would you like your home’s gas line inspected, maintained, replaced, or repaired? Don’t think twice calling the pros! At AirBenders, we offer gas leak repairs and gas fitting services whenever you need us in Chantilly, VA. Give us a call at (202) 929-3919  or click here to schedule an appointment.

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